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Growing Time, Minute By Minute

We are laser focused to save our users their most valuable asset, their time.
Our goal is to save 100 Years of Human time for our users.

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We build tools to Connect People.

I thrive to empower people’s time so they can connect better and connect more with their friends & family.

At Calidy, we build the tools to maximize the efficiency of your time.

At the core, we take advantage of calendar tools to help with best scheduling experience.

Our AI-based event suggestion will provide you with interesting events for you and your connected people to participate in.

We leverage our technology to make you more available to your loved ones and your passions

I wish you a GREAT TIME,
Amir Moradi,

Our Values

Work by Meritocracy

Maximize Diversity

Time Saving Obsession

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Growing our platform everyday

We use available tools and great solutions on the market to bring you the most efficient experience.
Our philosophy is to “Optimize Time”, so we are always looking for the best tools to provide & integrate seamlessly.

Our Professional Team

Calidy exists thanks to the team. We are passionate about building a great product that we use ourselves and we recommend to our loved ones.




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Project Manager


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Full-stack Developer


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