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Empower Your Time.

"It’s not that we have little time, but more that we waste a good deal of it."

Easy To Use

Make meeting scheduling a very easy step in your daily life.

Meet More... or less.

Everyone will love how easy it is to schedule the next meeting/gathering with you.

Your Own Touch

Customize your page with your photo, welcome message and colors.

- Meet?
- Link!

When to meet? Send them your Link.

Meeting Solution for Teams

Bring Your Team

Get Everyone on important meetings (Collective) or choose to check-in the first available team member (Round Robin).

Best for Startups, Support Teams, Sales.

Works for friends and family gatherings too 🙂

Join Calidy & make your calendar planning an exceptional experience.

Power Users, Satisfied.

Integrate Your Tools,
in 1-Click.

Our advanced software integrates with best products to bring you even more Super Powers!

Sync your calendars from 

  • Google, 
  • Office 365, 
  • Outlook.com, 
  • Apple, 
  • CalDAV,
  • and many more.

For calls and video connect with

  • Zoom,
  • Google Meet,
  • Jitsi
  • and more

Use Webhooks to connect everywhere!

Calidy is made for Everyone, beginners and power users!

You Are In Good Company

user review calidy.com

“My favorite is the personalized links. Calidy links feel more natural and save everyone time.

Mahmoud Latif

"I was like Whaaat!!? All these features for free? AND I can bring my team!! Love the product.

Emily Hu

Feedback User Calidy.com

"I get complimented by my clients about the meeting scheduling experience.

I love the short and easy to remember links! Keep up the good work 😉

Valentin Roy

user review calidy.com
Feedback User Calidy.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Share your Calidy link to remove the stress of finding a suitable meeting date and time.
  • Your clients (guests), will book a meeting on your calendar, making Everyone happy.
  • All participants will get timely reminders, to have a great meeting experience.

Yes. You shall upgrade to the Professional plan and purchase a one-time "Calidy Branding Removal" for 25€ to remove Calidy branding from your landing page. See more.

Yes. You shall upgrade to the Professional plan to remove Calidy branding from your landing page. See more.

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